Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Digital Scrapbooking saved my SANITY!

Sitting at home completely overwhelmed about being a semi-single mother (hubby was in Afghanistan) of a newborn, I wanted NEEDED something to keep me from going insane. Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat! My mind was on auto pilot! Masen was all I did – all day long! Nap time (YAY) means Mommy time! What do I do? I sit at the computer and stare at all of the pictures of my beautiful red headed baby! I decided I really need to start on Masen’s baby book but I didn’t want just an old boring baby book! I wanted something that my son would be honored to show his future wife and children! Something that he would look at and with a smile from ear to ear say my mom made this! I had NO clue what to do until my mom gave me a book that she had made with wedding pictures from my wedding. I really liked that idea, so I enlisted the help of my mom. All I needed was a computer, photoshop, digital scrapbook kits, pictures and a little bit of patience! I created my first scrapbook page on June 2, 2011! I knew instantly that this is what I had envisioned my son showing his family in the future! I set my self a deadline, November 22, 2011, (Masen’s 1st birthday) to complete the first year! I was a little shy of the date but I DID it! I completed the first year of my son’s life right there on my computer!

                                        My first ever digital scrapbook page

If you want to see more of Masen’s scrapbook please check out our page at www.facebook.com/from.memories.2.scrap (Be sure to like us too J )

Want to digital scrapbook? 

Here’s how to start!

1.       Get a computer (obviously)

2.       Download the trial of Adobe Photo Shop

3.       Download a digital scrapbook kit
  Some of my favorite sites

a.       www.noreimerreason.com

b.      www.everydaymomideas.com (more than just kits)

c.       www.suzyqscraps.com 

YOU CAN GOOGLE ANY FREE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK TO FIND KITS (Make sure to give credit if you post) 

4.       Settle down in a comfy place

5.       Look for the pictures that you might want to use

6.       Get started and don’t forget to add your own uniqueness!

Happy Scrapping!

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